8 Hour HVAC / ACR Renewal - Texas

Course Description

This 8 HR Online course meets all TDLR requirements for Air Conditioning professionals to renew their license in Texas. This course covers Mechanical Ventilation and Duct Systems from the International Mechanical Code as well as Texas Rules and Laws. Certificate emailed immediately upon completion! Finish in less than 8 hours! Credits reported to TDLR within 24 Hours of Completion! No Test or Quiz!


As a premier leader in educational online courses, 1st Choice shares their goal to help deliver a seamless and easy experience for their students. Every year HVAC workers within the state of Texas have to renew their license by means of completing 8 hours of education courses that include at least 1 hour that is specific to the Texas laws and rules.


As an HVAC contractor continuing education, it can be difficult to fit courses for your license renewal into your already busy schedule. 1st Choice courses give you the flexibility to study on your own time and at your own pace. These courses are even friendly with all phone, tablet and computer devices.

Texas Air Conditioning Continuing Education Online

As a TDLR approved renewal course provider, students enjoy the benefits of immediate certification and reporting to TDLR within 24 hours of completion. The 1st choice courses for Texas HVAC license renewal don’t make you take any gimmicky tests or quizzes!


1st Choice courses cover mechanical ventilation and duct systems from the International Mechanical Code and we also focus on Texas Rules and Laws. Upon enrollment, you’ll have instant access to these course topics with seamless navigation and no hidden fees.

Communication is Easy

Contact the 1st Choice Continuing Education staff to answer any of your additional questions, at 1-800-698-2770. Or, proceed to checkout and begin your HVAC license renewal course now. You’ll be amazed at the easy to follow course structure, many of the 1st Choice students finish in less than 8 hours!

Course Details

• TDLR Approved Online Renewal Course - Provider #2023
• TDLR Course #28757
• Instant Access - Online Course.
• No test or Quiz!
• Study At Your Own Pace. Anytime.
• On Any Device. Phone, Tablet, or Computer.
• Hassle Free Navigation. Easy to Follow.
• Certificate emailed immediately upon completion.
• 1-800-698-2770 for any questions.


•TDLR Provider #2023
•TDLR Course #28757
•Instant Online Access.
•Renew your License Today.
No test.
•Guaranteed credits, just follow along.
•Study At Your Own Pace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
•Receive your certificate immediately after completion.
•Approved by the TDLR
•Simple layout, easy to follow.
•No hidden fees