6 Hour Plumbing Renewal - Oklahoma

Course Description

This course meets all Oklahoma CIB requirements for Plumbing professionals renewing their license. This course covers several parts of the International Plumbing Code including General Regulations, Fixtures, Faucets, and Fixture Fittings, Water Heaters, and Water Supply And Distribution as well as Oklahoma Plumbing Industry Regulations. Certificate of Completion emailed immediately upon completion. Credits submitted to the Oklahoma CIB within 24 Hours of Course Completion!


In Oklahoma, plumbing contractors and journeymen are required to fulfill a 6-hour continuing education obligation every 3 years to keep their plumbing license current. It's of utmost importance to complete this educational requirement before your license's expiration date.

To facilitate the renewal of your plumbing license in Oklahoma, please adhere to these clear steps:

  1. Visit the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board website.
  2. Locate and select the "License Renewals" option.
  3. Follow the online instructions provided under "Renewals for Individuals," specifically choosing "Online Credit Card Renewals."
  4. Upon completing the renewal process, kindly allow 2-4 business days for your license details to be processed and for your license status to be updated.

We understand that for plumbing contractors, managing license renewal courses within a busy schedule can be quite demanding. That's why our approved course at 1st Choice CE grants you the flexibility to study at your own pace and at your convenience. Moreover, our courses are compatible with a wide array of devices, including phones, tablets, and computers, ensuring accessibility and user-friendliness.

Course Details

• Approved by the Construction Industries Board
• Oklahoma CIB Course #11272-P
• 6 Credit hours
• Instant Access - Online Course.
• Study At Your Own Pace. Anytime.
• On Any Device. Phone, Tablet, or Computer.
• Hassle Free Navigation. Easy to Follow.
• Certificate emailed immediately upon completion.
• 1-800-698-2770 for any questions.


•Approved by the Oklahoma CIB
•Renew your License Today.
Instant Access.
•Study At Your Own Pace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
•Receive your certificate immediately after completion.
•Simple layout, easy to follow.
•No hidden fees